A true spades Deck with african kings and queens

Blvck Spades features Egyptian Kings and Queens to represent the rich culture and history of the people playing with them.

No more reneging

Having an image on the 2s shows that they are powerful. Making the 2 of Diamonds gold indicates that it’s a Spade. (All of the Spades in our deck are gold). If you renege with this deck, it’s 100% on you!

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No more debating

YES, we labled the Jokers!

No more writing on cards or debating about if the Big Joker is the one with writing, color, or the bigger picture. If you can read on a 3rd grade level, you can tell what joker is big in this deck!

Blvck Spades vs. Blvck Standard

The difference between the two decks.

The most important distinction between the Blvck Spades and Blvck Standard decks is that Blvck Spades is a deck that was designed for JJDD spades while Blvck Standard was created so that you could enjoy the beauty of our Ancient Egyptian imagery while playing other card games.

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