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Blvck Spades playing cards is a fully customized deck that was designed specifically for playing JJDD spades and was created in a way that makes it easier for individuals to learn to play.

The Deck

Blvck Spades features Egyptian Kings and Queens to represent the rich culture and history of the people playing with them.

The Design

Blvck Spades is not only a brand, its a game!

That means, no more debating about what rules we are playing with, or what is the Big or Little Joker. Our deck has standardized one set of JJDD rules, so there is no more confusion or debate! When you are playing with our deck, you are playing BLVCK SPADES and the labeling of the cards insures that everyone is on the same page!

Blvck Spades vs Blvck Standard

The difference between the Blvck Spades and Blvck Standard Decks

The most important distinction between the Blvck Spades and Blvck Standard decks is that Blvck Spades is a deck the was designed for JJDD spades. (More specifically, for the game Blvck Spades).

Realizing that individuals may want to play games other than spades but still enjoy our Ancient Egyptian court we decided to create Blvck Standard.

The Blvck Spades deck features gold spades and marked/labled 2s with images on them. This is to make learning spades a lot more easy and playing a lot more fun.

The Blvck Standard deck doesn’t have the color and labling that Blvck Spades does and was designed to be used to play any other traditional card game.

A Rite of Passage

For many black Americans spades has always been the ultimate rite of passage. Many of us were raised in households where we grew up watching our parents, aunts, uncles, (and even grandparents) talking trash at the spades table and we couldn’t wait till we were old enough to play.

As the years passed, some of us were blessed to have friends or family that took the time to to make sure that we learned, while others fell by the wayside. When this happened, it would forever divide us into two segments. Those of us that know how to play spades, and those of us that don’t.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of “blackness” (between people that can play and those who can’t) there is 100% agreement when it comes to how important spades is to the culture. This is where Blvck Spades comes in.

Understanding how important spades is to the black community, and realizing how many people there are out there that didn’t know how to play, we decided to do something about it! The very first issue that we wanted to address was the court. We couldn’t believe after the game had been passed down for so many generations, that we were still playing with cards that didn’t look like us. For spades to be so important to our culture, it just didn’t make sense to us that there wasn’t a deck that reflected the people that were playing it.

The second issue that we wanted to address was the fact that there were so many people that still didn’t know how to play. We realized that we could solve this issue by simply labeling the deck. We figured that labeling the deck would make it easier for people to learn the rules, and make it less likely that they would renege (and be shamed or completely disowned by their partner).

After labeling the deck, we realized that we had not only made it easier for people to learn to play, but it settled a MAJOR debate in the spades community:

1. Which joker is the Big Joker!?

2. What rules are we using?

After months of research, designing, redesigning, and trips to Egypt and China, we are SO PROUD to present Blvck Spades! We hope that each of you feel the same level of pride in owning a deck that we felt in creating it!

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